Zeichmann - Schmutziger 2016
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Zeichmann - Schmutziger 2016

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(Burgenland, Austria)

A Pinot Blanc like no other from Joiseph's Luka Zeichmann.

This truly singular wine is the definition of 'artisanal' from start to finish. Made with grapes from an experimental vineyard (a haven of biodiversity and enchanting nature), produced in minuscule amounts (400 bottles), aged for three years, and then labeled with 400 different hand-painted labels that all go together to form a short animation. 

Please do view this animation at dirtywine.at. It symbolises fermentation as a dynamic process of life. 

The wine itself is purposely bottled very cloudy (its name translates to 'The Dirty One'), and yet it is super clean, rounded, textured, with wild aromatics and a finish that goes on and on. 

It's truly an honour to be able to work with Luka on this release, one we've been anticipating for a long time.