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The Full Spectrum

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In this collection we feature wines across the 'full spectrum' - bubbles, white, orange, pink, red, and sweet. This very diverse bundle features an exciting pet nat from Portugal, a textured white from France, a zesty orange from Slovakia, a creamy rosé from Sicily, a juicy medium red from Spain, and an aged 2011 Vin Santo from Tuscany. 

Featured here (left to right): 

(Douro, Portugal) Folias de Baco - Pet Nat Pinot Noir Rosé

Very elegant pet nat. Zesty aromatic, super elegant, and mouthwateringly fresh. This Pinot Noir rosé has a pronounced saline edge, fantastic bubbles that hold, and a special mineral finish. A must taste. Made by Tiago Sampaio, a grower who took over his Grandparents' vineyards and 2007 and has progressively become one of Portugal's most sought after natural wine producers. 

(Languedoc, France) Mas d'Agalis - Grand Carré 2019

Primarily Terret, with some Chenin, Clairette, and Vermentino. A proper southern French white but without the weight or warmth. This is soft, delicate, and lightly perfumed. The perfect balance of texture, minerality, and freshness. Absolutely delightful. Made by Lionel Maurel, a fourth generation grower who took over the family vines after stints working with some of the biggest names in the natural wine world across France. He primarily works with an 'infusion' style of winemaking, favouring gentle and light extractions as opposed to the more powerful examples that are common in this region. His wines are delicate, elegant, and fresh - real expressions of his immediate subzone and soils. 

(Hlohovec, Slovakia) Slobodne - Oranzista 2018

One of the estate's core orange wines. Made from Pinot Gris and with partial skin contact for one week, the result is a light orange wine with a vibrant colour, potent and fresh acidity, and just enough texture for a juicy and rounded finish. Zesty with notes of citrus fruits and herbs, and lovely earthy tones. Slobodne are a fascinating family-run winery going back to the early 20th century. They rebuilt their farm over the past 25 years following a 50-yr break due to the hardships of WWII and then 40 years of communism. Now run by two sisters and their two partners, they are making some of the most exciting skin-contact wines around today.

(Sicily, Italy) Valdibella - Dhyana 2019

A quirky and juicy rosé made from the hyper-local variety Perricone. The wine is textured, juicy, very enticing on the nose, and an unusual profile of watermelon and red berries. A rosé for all weathers, it is on the darker side yet totally dry and delicious. Made by the team at Valdibella, an impressive and inspiring cooperative based in Sicily's west who have a huge focus on biodiverse farmlands, an active social impact, and are part of the Addiopizzo anti-mafia movement. 

(Navarra, Spain) Azul y Garanza - Naturaleza Salvaje Tinto 2018

Fantastic Grenache from an old single-vineyard located in the Bardenas Reales desert. The wine was made and aged in clay amphoras, and is lean but complex, pristine, pure, with gorgeous red fruits and a velvety texture. Made by Maria, Dani, and Fernando, a dynamic trio who slowly converted an abandoned cooperative building in their village of Carcastillo to a fully operational winery. A huge commitment to biodiversity in the vines leads to wines of pronounced purity.

(Tuscany, Italy) Sammontana - Vin Santo del Chianti 2011

A really special naturally made Vin Santo from the Chianti region in Tuscany. Grapes of Trebbiano, Malvasia, and San Colombano are harvested late, laid out on racks to dry for a few days to concentrate the sugars, and then they are fermented naturally in the traditional 'Caratelli' - small little Vin Santo barrels. After four years, the wine is bottled, and then aged for a further 4-5 years at the winery before release. The nose on this is intense. So complex, and slightly reminiscent of an old Madeira (oxidative profile). On the palate it is alive. Fresh, zesty, with an insanely long finish of walnuts and hazelnuts. Made by Daniele & Dario, the fourth generation at this biodynamic Tuscan estate. Within the range they make a balanced mix of traditional Sangioveses along with experimental wines vinified in clay amphoras as well as this stunning sweet wine.