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Spirals 2-pack

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(Kamptal, Austria)

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We are over the moon to be releasing the Spirals project, something we have been working on quietly for the past two years. In short, it is a series of collaborative and exclusive wines that we make or blend with a different grower every year. 100% of the profits of all Spirals wines will always be donated to various organisations whose work I believe in and whose ideals are aligned with our own. For full info please visit modalwines.com/spirals. 

The first releases in this series are from the 2018 vintage, and made with the very talented Christoph Heiss of Malinga wines (Kamptal, Austria).

Spirals 01: Heiss-Weiss 2018

70% Grüner Veltliner, 30% Riesling. After tasting through four separate tanks of Grüner Veltliner, we settled upon our favourite one - perhaps one of the least aromatic, but one with a really special texture, and very moreish spicy notes that really revealed the essence of this grape. Then came the suggestion of giving it an aromatic lift and a touch more acidity through the addition of Riesling. Christoph was initially hesitant as this was a blend he had never done before but it only took a couple of trials to get him on board. The result is a fascinating soft and aromatic white, with a lovely texture and a potent mineral backbone.

Spirals 02: Chabernet 2018

We tasted through a couple of different tanks of Zweigelt and St Laurent but it was a tank of Cabernet Sauvignon that captivated us. Christoph’s father had planted this variety in the 90s and it’s a grape that always ended up in the family winery’s house red blend as they haven’t quite known what to do with it in recent times. The wine was delicious, very typical for the grape yet with vibrant fruit and a particular freshness. But it was still Cabernet Sauvignon from Kamptal… not the easiest sell. 

As we were heading out however, we noticed a lone barrel in the corner of the tank room which seemed out of place. ‘What’s in the barrel?’ ‘oh, that’s some experimental Chardonnay I was trying out, but I don’t like it’ ‘ok… let’s taste.’ And the rest is history… Two separate wines without a clear identity, without a real purpose, turned into one of the most drinkable and exciting reds we’ve tried in a while, hello #CHABERNET. 

A Cabernet Sauvignon/ Chardonnay blend sounds like madness but the result speaks for itself. Super juicy, with crunchy dark fruits and a soft structure, refreshing acidity, and a bit of the texture that really stood out in the Chardonnay. On the nose it could almost pass for either a red or white. On the palate it’s pure joy. 

62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Chardonnay