Slobodne - 'Must' red Grape Juice 2020 (1 Litre)
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Slobodne - 'Must' red Grape Juice 2020 (1 Litre)

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(Hlohovec, Slovakia)

The ultimate non-alcoholic beverage for wine lovers. This comes to us from the family farm of Slobodne in Slovakia. 

100% organically grown Blaufrankisch that was pressed, quickly pasteurised, and bottled unfiltered with zero additives. Strong floral and enticing aromatic, great texture, just the right level of sweetness and acidity. 

Lovely by itself, but particularly good when diluted with sparkling water to add a little zing. Also great for cocktails if that's your thing. 

Give it a shake before every pour to dissolve sediment, much like with a cloudy apple juice. Keeps in the fridge for 7-10 days once opened.