Slobodne - Majer Red
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Slobodne - Majer Red

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(Hlohovec, Slovakia)

The concept for the Majer red and the Majer white is the same - these are their introductory wines, they are multi-vintage, multi-grape, multi-vessel blends. The blend itself is irrelevant, the idea is this creates a very balanced expression of their special terroir, a wine that is unmistakably 'Slobodne.' In this case it is most of their red grapes (Blaufrankisch, Cabernet, Alibernet), aged in a mixture of barrels, tanks, amphoras, eggs, and more. Absolutely delicious red wine. 

Slobodne are a fascinating family-run winery going back to the early 20th century. They rebuilt their farm over the past 25 years following a 50-yr break due to the hardships of WWII and then 40 years of communism. Now run by two sisters and their two partners, they are making some of the most exciting skin-contact wines around today.