Savoury, Hearty Reds
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Savoury, Hearty Reds

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The ultimate winter reds bundle. This diverse selection features wines that are on the medium/ full bodied side, offer plenty or savoury spice, juicy fruit, and velvety texture. As with most of the wines we sell, however, these remain highly drinkable without ever coming across as 'heavy.'

Featured here (left to right): 

(Piemonte, Italy) Cascina Zerbetta - Barbera del Monferrato 2018

This estate's flagship wine. Barbera grown on Terra Rossa, a heavy red clay soil that results in wines of a certain concentration and structure. Strong notes of juicy black cherries and spices, it features the perfect balance of acidity and juiciness to keep this full-bodied wine very drinkable. Will need 10-15mins of air upon opening and will keep improving over the course of a few days, if you can make it last. Made by Paolo Malfatti, a Piemonte native who planted his vines on previously unused land in Monferrato in the late 90's. In this picturesque corner of Italy's Northwest,vines grow alongside organic hazelnuts and wild plants.

(Tuscany, Italy) Sammontana - Primo Fuoco Rosso 2018

A unique and sublime Cabernet Sauvignon vinified and aged in clay amphoras. Unoaked, very pure, savoury, with very fine subtle tannins, a medium body, and a real elegance. Will benefit from some air to really open up, and it will reveal layers of red & dark fruits surrounded by a subtle earthiness and persistent finish. Made by Daniele & Dario, the fourth generation at this biodynamic Tuscan estate. Within the range they make a balanced mix of traditional Sangioveses along with these experimental wines vinified in clay amphoras (see the orange wine section as well). 

(Languedoc, France) Mas d'Agalis - Yo No Puedo Mas 2019

Absolutely wonderful expression of Southern France's typical blends. Primarily Syrah with some Carignan and Cinsault. This wine is made with a very light touch, no punchdowns or any sort of extaction, leading to a light/medium body and very delicate profile. Stunning aromatic of bright red fruits, spicy edges, and a proper 'garrigue' herbal complexity. Juicy and fresh, but with some well integrated tannins that keep this wine serious yet very moreish. Made by Lionel Maurel, a fourth generation grower who took over the family vines after stints working with some of the biggest names in the natural wine world across France. He primarily works with an 'infusion' style of winemaking, favouring gentle and light extractions as opposed to the more powerful examples that are common in this region. His wine are delicate, elegant, and fresh, real expressions of his immediate subzone and soils.

(Burgundy, France) Domaine de Thalie - Pierres Levées Rouge 2018

A wonderful Gamay from Southern Burgundy. This is not quite the typical light and bright style found in Beaujolais further South but rather a more textured and darker-fruited affair. Very juicy, packed full of flavour, an immediate wine that punches way above its weight. Gorgeous. Made by Peter Gierszewki, a first generation Burgundian of Polish parents who started this small 4.5 ha estate in 2009 with a view to push the limits of natural farming in his parcels, an ethos he also brings into the cellar. Beautiful naturally made Burgundy wines but with a very strong sense of belonging. 

(Sicily, Italy) Valdibella - Agape 2019

Gorgeous Nerello Mascalese from Camporeale in the west of Sicily. This wine is vinified in steel tanks for purity of fruit, and showcases the true character of this delicate grape. Out of all the wines in this bundle it is perhaps the lightest one, but its velvety texture and deep dark fruit profile makes it work perfectly within this line up. A perfect wine for a dark evening or to accompany meat or root vegetable dishes. Made by the team at Valdibella, an impressive and inspiring cooperative based in Sicily's west who have a huge focus on biodiverse farmlands, an active social impact, and are part of the Addiopizzo anti-mafia movement. 

(Piemonte, Italy) Borgatta - Lamilla 2015

Aged Dolcetto from a 83-yr old producer. Rustic, complex, showing beautiful development with notes of coffee/ tobacco. Proper stuff. We often call this one our 'baby Barolo.' Made by Emilio Oliveri, who has been working a tiny 2 hectares of land since the 60's with his wife Marisa. Now in his 80's, he is still going strong and still producing some of the best Piemonte wines we have come across in a very long time. These are wines ‘come si faceva una volta,’ a representation of tradition, of old methods, and of pure dedication. Wines infused with the energy of two of the kindest souls one is ever likely to meet.