Rustic Italian Reds
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Rustic Italian Reds

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This bundle features three stunning Italian wines that proudly represent their respective regions.

From l to r:

(Puglia, Italy) L'Archetipo - Aglianico 2014

One of our current favourites on the list. This current release of L'Archetipo's Aglianico is a lesson in elegance. Coming from high altitude vineyards, this wine retains a freshness and lean character not very common for this grape variety. The 6+ years of aging have also softened the tough tannins that Aglianico can sometimes exhibit. The result is pure luxury. A rustic yet precise wine in its absolute prime. Made by Valentino Dibenedetto and his four children, who together run the project L'Archetipo. Rooted in the concepts of synergistic agriculture, they are at the forefront of Italy's no-till regenerative viticulture movement. Farming vines alongside ancient grains, the aim is proper soil health, which ultimately leads to grapes and wines of insane balance and energy.

(Sicily, Italy) Valdibella - Agape 2020

Gorgeous Nerello Mascalese from Camporeale in the west of Sicily. This wine is vinified in steel tanks for purity of fruit, and showcases the true character of this delicate grape. A lean wine with a velvety texture, firm structure and deep dark fruit profile. Perfect wine for a dark evening or to accompany meat or root vegetable dishes. A serious example of this noble Sicilian variety. Made by the team at Valdibella, an impressive and inspiring cooperative based in Sicily's west who have a huge focus on biodiverse farmlands, an active social impact, and are part of the Addiopizzo anti-mafia movement. 

(Piemonte, Italy) Borgatta - La Borgatta Barbera 2015

Aged and serious Barbera from a 83-yr old producer. Rustic, complex, yet soft and strikingly elegant. The fruit is very much alive and vibrant, yet it is now also showing notes of leather/ tobacco, and spices. For fans of Barbaresco! Astounding wine. Made by Emilio Oliveri, who has been working a tiny 2 hectares of land since the 60's with his wife Marisa. Now in his 80's, he is still going strong and still producing some of the best Piemonte wines we have come across in a very long time. These are wines ‘come si faceva una volta,’ a representation of tradition, of old methods, and of pure dedication. Wines infused with the energy of two of the kindest souls one is ever likely to meet.