Possa - U Veciu 2021
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Possa - U Veciu 2021

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(Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy)

'U Veciu' means 'the elders' in local dialect. This is in reference to the 'wine of his grandfather,' which was made very much in the same way as the latest vintage of this stunning orange wine. 100% Rossese Bianco, 3 months of skin contact, and aging in acacia barrel. The result is a very herbal, flinty and refined wine with very soft tannins, and buckets of salinity. Bottled with no additions. 

Made by Heydi Bonanini, one of only a dozen growers still working the insane slopes of the Cinque Terre, and keeping alive a tradition well worth saving. Wines that speak of their sea cliffs origins, of salty winds, of hyper local grape varieties, and pure clarity. A grower for whom biodiversity is not just an aim but a way of life.