Light & Juicy Austrian Reds
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Light & Juicy Austrian Reds

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Here we feature three highly gluggable light reds with a BIG emphasis on freshness. We feature a Zweigelt, a Blauer Portugieser, and a local blend, all light bodied, low abv, and all seriously drinkable.

Featured here (left to right)

(Kamptal, Austria) Nibiru - Grundstein Blauer Portugieser 2018

A juicy light red with a particular fruit profile – very much on the purple/dark fruit profile. Notes of blackberries, currants, a hint of pepper, and a whole lotta freshness. Very lean at only 10% abv, this is the perfect red to kick off any afternoon or evening. A great entry-point into the wines of Julia & Josef, a young couple who are only on their third vintage but showing impressive maturity.

(Burgenland, Austria) Joiseph – Piroska 2019

Delicious and juicy blend of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, and Pinot Noir. The 2019 Piroska is light in body, with a spicy backbone to complement the vibrant red and black fruits in this blend. Ideally served a little chilled. Joiseph is a collaboration between three friends that started with the 2015 vintage and has grown from a tiny hectare to nearly five hectares. The wines across the range are distinct, wildly exciting, and full of energy. 


(Kamptal, Austria) Malinga - Zweigelt 2018

Super juicy and very fruit-forward Zweigelt made from 100% whole bunches. This is light but with fantastic fruit depth, a very enticing nose that draws you in, and the sort of drinkability that makes a glass or a bottle disappear before you know it. The ultimate vibrant red for all occasions.  Made by Christoph Heiss, a young producer who has recently taken over his family's winery in Engabrunn, Kamptal, and is producing some of the most exciting wines in Austria today. Christoph is a big proponent of natural farming and biodiversity, and we're excited to follow him on his journey.