L'Equinox Wines - Wish You Were Here 2022
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L'Equinox Wines - Wish You Were Here 2022

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(Swartland, South Africa)

A stunning 100% Syrah. Arrestingly elegant wine with layers of deep, dark fruits and velvety texture that are lifted by a backbone of clean acidity.  Peppery spice and gentle tannins linger on palate, while aromas of forest fruits and dry herbs keep you coming back for the next sip.  A stunner.  

Made by MC Stander, a newcomer to the Swartland wine scene who leases vines he farms organically as well as sourcing fruit from other local organic and biodynamic growers.  MC is always looking for freshness in his wines and has a light touch in the cellar, but keeps an eye on refinement and clarity, giving his wines a true sense of identity and purpose.