L'Archetipo - Greco 2022
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L'Archetipo - Greco 2022

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(Puglia, Italy)

A delicious skin contact wine from Italy's deep south. A few days of contact with the skins during fermentation gives it a light golden colour, and plenty of texture, deep stone fruits, and L'Archetipo's trademark salty finish. One of those wines that sits on the fence between a characterful white and a mild orange wine. Absolutely delicious.

Made by Valentino Dibenedetto and his four children, who together run the project L'Archetipo. Rooted in the concepts of synergistic agriculture, they are at the forefront of Italy's no-till regenerative viticulture movement. Farming vines alongside ancient grains, the aim is proper soil health, which ultimately leads to grapes and wines of insane balance and energy.