Folias de Baco (Uivo) - Aqua Nat (Piquette) 5.5% ABV
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Folias de Baco (Uivo) - Aqua Nat (Piquette) 5.5% ABV

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(Douro, Portugal) - 75cl, 5.5% ABV

Piquette seems to be all the rage these days. And this is simply a delicious example of the genre. What is piquette? Essentially it's a sort-of wine made from the remainder of grape skins/pulp after pressing for normal wine, with added water and sugar (though no sugar in this case) to cause a re-fermentation. It then leads to a very low ABV beverage, a super fresh and super light wine that is a delight to drink as an aperitif, an afternoon tipple, or anytime really. 

This particular one comes from Tiago Sampaio, and is made from a field blend of 20+ varieties of local red and white grapes from the 2019 vintage. Instead of adding sugar to referment, Tiago added fresh juice from an Alvarinho press in 2020 so there are zero additives. It was bottled immediately after so the fermentation happened in bottle to produce a very gentle fizz. This is not quite 'sparkling', it's more a light spritz that adds a wonderful bit of freshness to this absolute smasher.