Duo Three - Opulence
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Duo Three - Opulence

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In Top-Drop Duos we showcase some of the lesser-seen bottles on our list, some of the rarities we rarely showcase in tastings and some of our most prized cuvées. 

The clue for Duo Three is all in its name. We'll keep this short and simple: the wines have both seen a bit of age, and have both developed into the superb and distinctive wines they are today. Both very limited and available in very small quantities.

Featured here (left to right):

(Kamptal, Austria) Nibiru - Alte Reben Blauer Portugieser 2015 

Only one barrel (450 bottles) was made of this wine, back in 2015, which marks the birth of the Nibiru project. A wine so special that we bought nearly the entire production when we first tasted it a couple of years ago. It showcases the essence of the Blauer Portugieser grape - dark fruits, vibrant acidity, hints of spice, and some notes of development all wrapped up in a velvety package. A great insight into the top range from Julia & Josef, a young couple who are now only on their third vintage but showing impressive maturity. 'Alte Reben' means 'old vines' and represents a series of single-variety wines they produce from tiny parcels of their oldest and best vineyards.

(Hlohovec, Slovakia) Slobodne - Deviner 2014

The 2014 Deviner is special for various reasons. It is the very last year that this wine was made as a barrel-aged 'white' (with no skin contact), it is one of the few wines that they have left to age, and it comes from a very challenging year where the grapes had to be selected berry by berry as some had been affected by noble rot (botrytis). Aged for two years in old Hungarian oak, the result is a wine we have often described as 'white Burgundy meets Gewurtztraminer.' It is wildly aromatic, but has the texture, complexity, and length reminiscent of a Burgundian white, although perhaps more tense and linear. Made from two local and aromatic grapes - Devin & Traminer. 

Slobodne are a fascinating family-run winery going back to the early 20th century. They rebuilt their farm over the past 25 years following a 50-yr break due to the hardships of WWII and then 40 years of communism. Now run by two sisters and their two partners, they are making some of the most exciting natural wines around today.