Blurred Vines - Spark
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Blurred Vines - Spark

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(London, UK) 75cl

We looked for a long time for the perfect UK-made non-alcoholic ‘alt-wine’ and we’re excited to be working with the boundary pushing team at Three Spirit and distributing their incredible Blurred Vines drinks throughout the UK.

Spark is an uplifting and tantalising beverage with notes of red fuits, earthiness, black tea and so much more. This is fully sparkling with perfect bubbles that hold well, is very fresh, complex, and has a soft spiciness on the finish that slows down the drinking experience. 

Made from many ethically sourced ingredients, including black and green teas from Malawi and China, strawberry and redcurrant juice from Essex, and various functional ingredients such as Guayusa, Schisandra Berry, Cayenne Pepper, L-Theanine, and more.

Blurred Vines offers a new ritual for drinking and socialising, with expressions designed not to mimic but to pay homage to fine wine. Produced using the finest ingredients selected from suppliers of the highest principle, each bottle is a reflection of the individual skill of the growers.

Depth, structure, and complexity are built with layers of cold-brewed single estate rare tea, sustainable fruit and innovative fermentation, and active botanical extracts to promote a distinctive feeling of uplift, revitalisation or relaxation.