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This bundle is all about the light, zippy, juicy reds. Buckets of fruit, high drinkability, wines that are the perfect aperitifs but that will also complement most meals. They all benefit from being served a little chilled for optimum enjoyment. 

Featured here (left to right):

(Kamptal, Austria) Malinga - Zweigelt 2018

Super juicy and very fruit-forward Zweigelt made from 100% whole bunches. This is light but with fantastic fruit depth, a very enticing nose that draws you in, and the sort of drinkability that makes a glass or a bottle disappear before you know it. The ultimate vibrant red for all occasions. Made by Christoph Heiss, a young producer who has recently taken over his family's winery in Engabrunn, Kamptal, and is producing some of the most exciting wines in Austria today. Christoph is a big proponent of natural farming and biodiversity, and we're excited to follow him on his journey.

(Piemonte, Italy) Zerbetta - Rossetto 2019

A unique and very light red or dark rosé, you decide. Though this estate primarily makes Barbera, Paolo has a tiny bit of Cabernet and Merlot planted on his property which he uses every year for this very young and experimental wine. Just a couple of hours on the skins gives it enough colour to qualify as a red but feels more like a deep rosé. Very interesting profile of spice cherry, almost cherry-cola(ish). Very fresh and vibrant. Made by Paolo Malfatti, a Piemonte native who planted his vines on previously unused land in Monferrato in the late 90's. In this picturesque corner of Italy's Northwest,vines grow alongside organic hazelnuts and wild plants.

(Mosel, Germany) Staffelter Hof - Little Red Riding Wolf 2019

A singular Pinot Noir from the steep slopes of the Mosel river valley. Vinified with zero additions in very old large barrels, this Pinot is light and spicy with an intriguing blend of red and black fruits, and a lovely refreshing finish. Made by Jan Klein, the latest generation at the helm on this historical estate which has been in the family since 1805, but operating as a winery since 862...! Jan started to produce a special range of wines with no added sulphites in 2014, a range that has now expanded to nearly ten singular wines.

(Kamptal, Austria) Spirals - Chabernet 2018

Spirals is our very own-label project, and this one was made with Christoph Heiss of Malinga wines. A Cabernet Sauvignon/ Chardonnay blend sounds like madness but the result speaks for itself. Super juicy, with crunchy dark fruits and a soft structure, refreshing acidity, and a bit of the texture that really stood out in the Chardonnay. On the nose it could almost pass for either a red or white. On the palate it’s pure joy. 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Chardonnay

(Douro, Portugal) Folias de Baco - Renegado 2019

Super light red or dark rosé from high altitude vineyards in northern Portugal. This is a blend of over twenty local varieties all mixed within the vineyards, and roughly 50/50 red and white. They're all vinified together and macerated for two days to create a super juicy and vibrant light red meant to be enjoyed chilled. Bright red fruits and citrus notes. Made by Tiago Sampaio, a grower who took over his Grandparents' vineyards and 2007 and has progressively become one of Portugal's most sought after natural wine producers. 

(Kamptal, Austria) Nibiru - Grundstein Blauer Portugieser 2018

A juicy light red with a particular fruit profile - proper purple/dark fruit profile, notes of blackberries, currants, a hint of pepper, and a whole lotta freshness. Very lean at only 10% abv, this is the perfect red to kick off any afternoon or evening. A great entry-point into the wines of Julia & Josef, a young couple who are only on their third vintage but showing impressive maturity.