Casa de Mouraz - Chibu 2020
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Casa de Mouraz - Chibu 2020

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(Dão, Portugal)

A light red made from 80% red and 20% white grapes, all co-planted, co-harvested and co-vinified as per old Portuguese traditions. Features over 20 local grape varieties and mainly coming from very old vineyards. This is light yet wildly distinct red, with subtle sweet spice notes, and citrus fruits behind a core of red fruit. Absolutely delicious. 

Made by the wonderful couple Sara Dionisio and Antonio Lopes Ribeiro, who started Casa de Mouraz in 2002 when they moved back from Lisbon to Antonio's native town of Mouraz in the Dão region. They aim to showcase their unique part of the world, and create wines that gently speak of their sandy granitic soils, their microclimate between two mountain ranges, and their unique collective energy.