Light & Bright Reds (3-pack)
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Light & Bright Reds (3-pack)

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This pack features:

(Conca de Barbera, Spain) Lectores Vini - Pomagrana 2022

The ultimate light red. Made from the Trepat grape, a local variety which is not frequently seen in a single varietal wine due to how little colour and body it gives. Low alcohol, super fresh, energetic and vibrant, and reminiscent of Pomegranate/ cranberry juice. Can be served chilled. 

(Tuscany, Italy) Fattoria di Sammontana - Alberese 2022 

JUICY! This blend of red and white grapes yields a wine that is light, energetic, juicy, but that also has a streak of seriousness. Sangiovese and Trebbiano are fermented together with a very brief time on skins, and then aged in steel tanks. Red fruit profile, a mineral edge, and lovely savoury note. The perfect red for a warm day or night. 

(Douro, Portugal) Folias de Baco - Renegado 2022

Super light red or dark rosé from high altitude vineyards in northern Portugal. This is a blend of over twenty local varieties all mixed within the vineyards, and roughly 50/50 red and white. They're all vinified together and macerated for two days to create a super juicy and vibrant light red meant to be enjoyed chilled. Bright red fruits and citrus notes. Made by Tiago Sampaio, a grower who took over his Grandparents' vineyards and 2007 and has progressively become one of Portugal's most sought after natural wine producers.